There are moments in history when humans push the boundaries, unshackle themselves from the norm and reach out for the unknown, for greatness. Victorian Architecture is a glorious example of this quest and 1407 Carroll Avenue embodies its achievement. One of the rare moments when mankind took the most basic of human needs, shelter, and made it art. 1407 Carroll Avenue is a stately Victorian home located on the finest street in Angelino Heights among one of the highest concentrations of Victorian Architecture in the United States. The sheer scale of 1407 Carroll Avenue is rivaled only by its finely honed details, the likes of which no longer exist in modern day construction. Walking through its long halls, beneath its soaring ceilings, descending its ornate staircase, reclining on its massive front porch and strolling down its gas lamp lit sidewalks is a step back in time. To live in this home and in this neighborhood is a transcendent experience. It is the rare opportunity to combine life, art & history, to not simply live, but to be alive. Is it finally the time for you to wake up in a space that inspires you, that connects you to the greatness of the past, while awakening your desire to reach for the unknown greatness of your future? It's time to decide. "We are not makers of history. We are made by history."

Offered at $2,300,000